Life As A Roadtrip

Life As A Roadtrip

Life As A Roadtrip

Life As A Roadtrip Aaaah… the open road! Just begs for a roadtrip, doesn’t it?

We’re getting closer and closer to pulling up stakes and heading out for a roadtrip. No matter how many times you have told yourself you would never do it, that you would only visit these places for a short time, well, that day has come and you are ready to head out.

Do you remember the last time you went on a roadtrip? Was it a mere scrape of road trips you had in your past? Maybe you drove hours in a nutshell, jamming the gas pedal to rush from one place to the next.

Are you ready for this new adventure?

Let me ask you this. Are you ready to live like you drive on the open road?

Are you ready to eat whatever you find?

Are you ready to sleep wherever you are?

Then, you need to think about what you need to live outside of the home.

It Does Not Have To Be A Revolution

Living like you drive is not a revolution. Living like you drive is like wearing a different pair of pants. There will be some changes.

You may not have a microwave in your new RV. There may be a small electric Coleman stove. You may not have a closet full of clothes. You may not have your favorite set of books.

Some things will be different. You may not have a cigarette light. You may not have a TV. You may not have a deck of cards or even a regular deck of cards.

So many things will be different, so what do you want to do?

Prepare To Go Camping

If you are ready to make the change, there are some things you will need to think about.

First, you will need to make a list of everything you will need. Second, think about what your new duties will be.

you will need less sleep

No doubt, sleeping is one of your major necessities. There are several tips you will need to remember to have a good night’s sleep.

For adults, this means you may need to change up the pillows from your pillows to your mattresses. Why not? The changes will make sure you get the rest you need.

In addition to changes in pillows, you may want to think about changing up the style you use. In the past, you may have liked to use air mattresses. Now, there are foam pads that are very similar to the foam pads you have at home. Life As A Roadtrip

Air mattresses, as you may know, are thicker and more comfortable than the past air mattresses. They are also good at insulating if you are going to be camping or enjoying warm weather.

The best thing about foam pads is they are very compact. They do not take up much space in your car and when not in use, they can be compressed small enough to fit into a carry bag.

Find A Great Deal

When you are ready to get your camping gear together and ready to go, find a great deal on camping equipment. Store it and use it frequently. The more you use it, the more value you get out of it.

Go Camping Life As A Roadtrip

There is a lot to do when you go camping, like much of the time you will be there is no fun. There are things you need to do, like set up the tent and take it down. There may also be things you want to do, like have a campfire, or go fishing or hunting.

Camping is a great experience for all ages. Finding the right camping equipment for your family will make your camping trip a great experience for all.

Family Camping at Birkenhead Lake

Quick facts:

Driving distance: approx. 216 kms from Vancouver

Permits required: camping fee, reservable campsite or first come first serve

Birkenhead is a beautiful lake, one of the prettiest we’ve camped at. There’s a lot to do, great hiking trails for every level of hiker, a lake to swim in (although quite cold), good fishing and wildlife viewing in the right month. Life As A Roadtrip

Oh, and at nighttime, the sky is literally littered with stars and if you haven’t been out of the city in a while the night sky here will be a welcome surprise!

Campsite notes: There are no flush toilets or wash houses here. Only pit toilets which is fine but after a few days with mostly girls we were wishing for a flush toilet. We’re OK without the showers because we either swim in the lake and use some biodegradable soap or hang our solar shower near our campsite (I highly recommend these-we have two!).

There are also drinking water taps located throughout the campsite.

We’ve noticed at some campgrounds that the rangers will sell ice on a daily basis although that wasn’t the case when we were here. However, there is a little “store” just up the road leading into the park that sells ice and a few food and snacky items. Life As A Roadtrip

This is one of the nicest beach areas we’ve camped at. It’s very long and wide, perfect for kids to play in the sand or for spectators to watch while wearing a kite.

It was pretty windy when we were there in late August but we still dared ourselves to get in the water!

Although we weren’t here for the goat sightings, the view of the lake is spectacular from the top of this 1 km trail. It’s pretty steep and rocky but with a little help even our 5 year old managed this one through the old growth forested trail.

And the forests are fantastic, there is a mix of tree species: Douglas fir, western hemlock, western red cedar, cottonwood and Engelmann spruce which can all be seen hiking along the trail to the wilderness campsite (permanently closed down now) which runs along the north west side of the lake. However, hiking to the wilderness campsite has its merits, for one it’s a beautiful hike with lots of wooden bridges to cross and great fishing sites.

Fishing for trout proved to be quite good for us. We always bring some lemons, garlic and butter when we go camping just in case some trout are caught! Life As A Roadtrip

Kids generally love football and growing up in the bush, so we brought some footballs for them to play whenever they want.

Catch me if you can

What we like to do is watch the squirrels as they come in at night and gather around the picnic tent or in our rope hammock. It’s amazing how many come out to play when you are quiet and alone! It’s a great way to get them used to the quiet of the bush.

There were a few bears around but they stayed away after hearing our chicken noises in the night. Due to all the noise, they expected us to come out of our tent to see them so they avoided us.

There is a nature trail that you can hike along the lake shore which actually causes some decent surfing!

Nelson Mandela was filmed here and the area is dotted with his legacy – the cliffs are historic in that they were built during his reign.